Star Confessions
Do you have a secret from schooldays that you've been dying to get off your chest? Well be our guest! Here's your outlet to confess all! Email us your confessions and let us know if you have any photos too.

The year: 1989-1990. Place: Port Elizabeth. School: Framesby, where else. Event: Where do I start? I liked you since the day I saw you. I fell in love shortly thereafter! (I always had a thing for brunettes and lively, sparkling eyes.) We became friends and stayed that way. Your intimacy with others upset me. I was never one to give up easily. You sat on my shoulders at the Mango Groove concert (1992) at St George's and I remember the champagne in the pool one evening (and your 'curious' mom). Will never forget your boob tubes, and the curves beneath that drove me insane. For some reason I never could commit to that 'ultimate relationship', may even have problems with it now after 13 years of marriage and 2 kids. I can't help but wonder how things would've turned out if I'd made a few different decisions back then. I trust that your business is a huge success and that your hubby utterly adores you! The girls are awesome - can clearly see who the mom is. This is to what could and should have been. This is to you EK(S).

M, ek was verbaas om jou naam ook hier te sien. Sal nooit die aand in die Drakensberge vergeet nie, al het daar niks gebeur nie. Elke keer as ek jou sien, was deesdae maar min gebeur kan ek nog steeds net met bewondering na jou kyk. Jy blg ongelooflik sexy en fun maak nie saak wat jy dra nie.

I was a real rebel and made many wrong choices which shattered my dreams and inflicted pain on many others. I'm blessed with a second chance and am committed to making a success of my life. But it's extremely important to make the right choices and not bargain on getting a second chance...because all our choices affect our lives and those of the people around us. It's a fact that you can't turn the clock back and undo wrong choices.

I was in Standard 7 when I met this girl at one of my family's gatherings. I went back to school after the break and walked into her. I didn't even know she was at the same school as me. We started speaking and I fell in love with her. About a month later her boyfriend & his friends beat the crap out of me. I lost my mind and wrote her a letter where I said things I should never have said, to try hide how much I loved her & to not let on it was her boyfriend who beat me up. They beat me up again and I became a rebel and was finally kicked out of hostel. In matric, one of our mutual friends told me she wanted to speak to me but I said she was dead to me. I didn't want to hear anything. But now - all I ask of her is that she forgives me for what I said and did to her. I jut need to let her know the truth so that I can go on with my life without that pain that kills me from the inside.

I gave my heart to a boy in 2002 and never really got it back. I think he cheated on me. What he doesn't know - is that I cheated on him for the first six months of our relationship and it is still haunting me. I just want to tell Volstruis that I am so so sorry for what I have done to him. I gave you my heart, love, body and my dreams. I will never forget you and I just pray that I can forgive myself. Love you more than I will ever admit.

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