Star Confessions
Do you have a secret from schooldays that you've been dying to get off your chest? Well be our guest! Here's your outlet to confess all! Email us your confessions and let us know if you have any photos too.

I just want to say - you were the one who looked for and found me. You were the one who swept me off my feet with soft kisses, words and actions. I was lost in you, we were lost in each other. Against my better judgement, I fell hopelessly in love with you (unfortunately still am). I thought you felt the same. Then you went away! No word since. Way back in school I avoided you - the player. As a woman, i should've done the same, but I thought you'd changed. I was wrong. You finally got your chance to break MY heart. Thank you Mark.

In 1995 I met one of the most amazing guys. I'm married now but I think so much of Nuno. I plucked up the courage to send him a letter and he responded but unfortunately I never had a chance to really introduce myself. I had low self-confidence and didn't want to introduce myself as the girl in the letter. Instead I waited. That wait meant that he met someone else. I wonder what would've happened had I opened myself up and taken a chance on love. It's one the things I regret the most in my life. He was wonderful and such an inspiration. Hope our paths cross some day...
Iron Maiden

20 jaar terug het ek die ou van my drome ontmoet. Ek was in Norman huis en die dag toe hy daar instap het ek dadelik geweet hy is my hart. Na ons daar uit is het ek hom 'n paar keer gesien maar ons families kon nie glo dat twee mense so oor mekaar kon voel op daai ouderdom nie. Ek wens ek het meer gedoen of gese om kontak met jou te hou. Gogga as jy die boodskap lees, kontak my asb - ek wil net weet dat jy okay is, en gelukkig is.

After so many years, I still wonder about an old school love - like where he's living and if he has any other kids (besides the one I know about), and if he's married. I wonder if he still thinks of me at all, if he remembers the past, and what I may or may not have meant to him. I've moved on with my life, married with two beautiful children and a gorgeous husband; but when memories pop up, he is the firts person I think about. I last heard from my cousin that he asked about me and said he wished he were my husband...Does he even think of the child we could have had? We can't fix the past, we can only learn from it.
Anon, Coronationville High, Matriculated 1996

My first major crush was on JK in Std 9 and matric (1965 to 1996) Alexandra High, but I never gathered enough strength to tell her how I felt. I looked for every reason that would help me be close to her - my last chance was just before the exams when we were given our matric jackets and she needed to exchange her size with someone else's - and there I was to her rescue...but I still couldn't use the opportunity. Saw her once in PMB city while at varsity and she was working in one of the hospitals. I still did nothing...and would still like to know what she's doing with her life because she turned my world upside down.

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