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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT'CHA MEAN? - A quick guide to on-site lingo

Photowall: a wall of photos (well, rows of photos) that give you a great visual look at all your friends (and wannabe friends) in a particular group. You can usually click on each photo for further info.

Photospin: a great way of visually looking through a list of friends/people. You'll view one enlarged photo and a few key details about someone, and can then click through to view the next person at your leisure.

Nudge: a cool, calm and subtle ‘hello' that you can send to someone you once knew...or would like to get to know. It's an ice-breaker that allows you to wordlessly nudge someone without actually writing a message.

Dig: as in, I smaak this. Whenever you see a dig box - you can check it to cast your vote of approval.

Blog: a kind of online journal where you can write your thoughts on whatever topic gets you going. Post pictures to it too. Anyone on the site can read it, and anyone can post comments in response to it.

Post: anything that you submit to the site like a blog or a Looking For message. Post can be a noun (“did you read my latest post”) or a verb (“I'm about to post a new comment”).

Comment: a feedback message that you write to someone else's post.

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