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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between sending a nudge or a message?
A nudge is just an ice-breaker - a wordless little nudge that allows you to let someone know you're thinking of them (whether it's someone you would just want to say hi to or someone you wouldn't mind flirting with!). A message on the other hand allows you to write whatever you want to - tell someone about yourself or just catch up on news!

How can I send a message to a friend? I went to 'messages' but there's no option.
Sorry. You can only send a message from the Messages section if you're replying to a message that's already there. To send a new message, find your friend first (by Searching or looking at your list in Members / My Friends) and then write a message by clicking on the 'send message' link you'll see next to their name.

I've got so many messages. How can I quickly find the one I'm looking for?
Use the search field in the top right of the site to search for the name of the person who wrote to you. (Make sure you're in the Messages section when you do so.)

How much does it cost to send a message?
Nothing, nada, niks nie! It's FREE!

So can I contact absolutely anybody?
You can - but please don't be a pain and harass people. And if anyone's bugging you, please report the member (just click on the handy 'report member' link you'll see next to their profile pic).

How do I know if somebody has read my message yet? With the old SAReunited you used to show us the date and time they read it.
We figured with the new free message-sending that getting in touch would be a lot easier and you wouldn't need us to let you know anymore.

I've totally forgotten what I wrote to someone and now that they've replied, I need to reference it.
No worries. Just go to Messages / Sent and you can see a record there of all messages, nudges and comments you've written.

Can I send a message anonymously?
Sorry - no!

Will somebody know if I share their profile with someone else?

How will I know if somebody gives me a nudge or sends a message?
We'll send you an email immediately! And it'll be waiting for you in your Messages / In Box.

I sent a friend a message but I haven't heard back.
Sorry to hear that. There are a few reasons why you may not have heard back:

  • Your friend may have changed their email address and not updated the one they've registered with on SAReunited (and that's the one we're sending to). Side note: it's so important to always update your details!
  • Your friend's email box may be full, so keep trying.
  • There may be a temporary problem with their server - so, again, keep trying.
  • Their spam filters may be set too high and it's filtering out the email. (Try send an sms with your next message to ensure they get it.)
  • And um, they may simply have decided not to reply. (Hope not!)

When I look at someone's profile to contact them, there are various options on the left. What do they each mean?

Add to Friends allows you to send a request to somebody to be added as a Friend to their photowall. This makes it quicker to contact them in future, a lot easier and nicer to keep up-to-date with what's going on in their lives, and, um, we don't mean to be shallow but it does make you appear to be a lot more popular the more friends you have (since they all appear alongside you when somebody clicks on your profile!). A Friend Request email will be sent to them to (hopefully!) approve the request and be your Friend!

Send a Message allows you to do just that. Your personal email won't be shown to whoever you write to…unless you write it in the notes (which is allowed).

Send SMS allows you to send an SMS alert with your message so your friend definitely checks their emails. Obviously it requires that your friend has registered their mobile number. You have one free SMS alert to use just by being an SAReunited member! If you're an Advanced Member, you'll receive 10 free SMS alerts! Upgrade now!

Nudge lets you sent a wordless nudge to break the ice so to speak.

Share with Contact lets you send somebody's profile details to a friend of yours who's either an SAReunited member or not.

Report Member is your way to let us know if you're happy with the language somebody has used in their profile.

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