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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between joining a Community or a Group?
Communities are the larger groups / associations to which we all belong - schools and universities, locations, companies and clubs; while Groups are the smaller, more intimate connections we make within those communities. So you could join your school (a Community) and then create a smaller Group within it of just the people who you were friendly with at school. It's a good idea to join all your relevant communities first, and then find like-minded people or old friends and colleagues within them to form smaller groups. You could belong to numerous communities and numerous groups!

What's the difference between a community, local and global group?

  • Community groups are those groups within your particular communities (schools, SA companies, army units, clubs & societies).
  • Local groups are those that are within close proximity to where you live (you can select the proximity by choosing the fields in the My Locations box on the left).
  • Global groups are groups all over the world that aren't aligned with any particular location or community.

How do I start a group?
So easy. Sign in and click on Groups and you'll see a 'Create new group' link in the My Groups section! Click on it and fill in the form.

I want to start a new group - but you're asking for my contact details (email and phone). Are these going to be made public?
No, not at all. These details are purely for our reference. We won't publish them.

I'm a bit frustrated. I did a search for Global Groups - but all I see is tiny thumbnail pictures and I have to click on each one to see what group they represent.
OK, got it. You're viewing your results as a Photowall. You can change this. Just under the Global Groups heading, you'll see 'View as'. Click on List - and a comprehensive list will appear with a thumb, name of group, number of members, and when it was founded.

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