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Frequently Asked Questions

PROFILE - editing and account

I need to update my About Me notes. I've clicked on Profile but I can't find anything on that page to do with my notes.
Ah - that's because when you click on the Profile tab, it defaults to your Dashboard. Click on Edit Profile in the Profile sub-menu and you'll be able to edit your About Me notes. Easy.

How do I change my profile photo?
Sign in and go to Profile / My Profile. You'll see a link under your profile pic for you to update it. Click on that and go for it.

Help. I want to delete my profile photo.
Best thing is to upload a new photo to replace the one that's there because it's always good to have a profile photo. For that you just need to sign in and go to Profile / My Profile and click to update your photo. But if you're adamant this photo must go and you don't have a replacement just yet - then click on Photos / My Photos and open the album that this photo is in. Tick the little box to the far right of the photo you want to delete, and click on the Delete Photo button. (Remember to update your profile pic as soon as possible.)

I don't want people to know when I'm online. They keep harassing me to answer them!
It's simple to turn off - click on 'offline' underneath your name (at the top of the screen)…although this feature does require that you're an advanced member - upgrade here.

Does someone know if I've been looking at their profile?
Yes. We let them know, and we'll let you know who's been having a squizz at yours! Just scroll down on your Profile / Dashboard or Profile / My Profile page and you'll see a box full of People who recently visited my profile. If you don't want anyone to know you've been checking them out (maybe an ex?) - you could upgrade now and select anonymous browsing.

If I enter the urls of my YouTube videos (Profile / Edit Profile / Video), where are you going to display these videos?
We will be launching a fab new video viewing section soon. These urls are being stored for now to be used in the new section. Wait and watch!

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