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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a blog?
It's a kind of online journal where you can write your thoughts on whatever topic gets you going. Post pictures to it too. Anyone on the site can read it, and anyone can post comments in response to it..

How do I start a blog?
Click on Blogs and you'll land on your My Blogs page, and there you'll see an 'Add your post' link. Click on it and follow directions.

How do I make sure that my blog is available to all members?
Make sure that you select 'Global' and not a specific community, in the Publish section.

What's the difference between Community, Local and All posts?
If you search in Community you can filter your results to view only those posts/blogs from a certain community (school, SA company, army units, clubs & societies). If you search in Local you can filter to view those from a specific location. And if you look in All - guess what? That's right - you can view them all!

How do I link to my photos from my blog?
It's really straight forward. When you post a blog, you'll see an option to upload a photo (either from your album on the site or from anywhere on your computer).

Can I upload more than one photo to a particular post?
Jammer maneer - the answer's no, BUT you can publish more than one blog post per day, so if you have 2 pics that you're desperate to publish on your blog, just add 2 new posts.

If my location is set to Australia, does that mean my blog will only display to those in Australia?
Not quite. Anyone on the site can view your blog BUT if they are looking via location (Blogs / Local), then only those who select Australia would see your blog. If you prefer - you could change the Location in your Blog entry to None when you are posting a new blog message.

When I search in Blogs / All Posts, I've entered the name of someone whose posts I like - but nothing's coming up.
Oops, sorry about that. The feature only searches through the Title or Body copy of a blog, not the name of the person who posted it. If you like someone's blog, then do a search for their  name in Search and you'll be able to view all their posts.

I don't want other people to leave Comments beneath my Blog Posts.
That's like saying you only want to have monologues, no dialogues. Blogs are for getting conversation going, so if you don't like the comments, then don't post the blogs!

Can I edit other people's comments on my blog?
Um, sorry, no. Let them have their freedom of speech.

Can I remove someone's comments from my blog?
Sure. Go ahead.

Can I remove my own comments from somebody else's blog?
Yes you can. Just navigate back to that blog and you'll see a box with a cross in it next to your comment. Click on it and your comment will vanish!

If I delete a comment from my Sent box, will it be deleted from the blog?
No, don't worry. It's still be there. The only way to delete it is for you to return to that blog, find your comment and click on the box with the cross in it.

How will I know if someone's read my comment on their blog?
You won't BUT we guarantee those most people who post blogs read the comment very carefully!

Why can't I view my Comment on someone's blog anymore?
Oh dear. Maybe the blogger deleted your comment (it must have been a mistake!). Or maybe you're looking in the wrong place... Try again.

Can the rest of the non-SAReunited world view my blogs? I wanna be famous!
Oh dear, sorry. Had no idea that was your ambition. These blogs are for SAReunited eyes only. But maybe someone in the SAReunited community will notice your fabulous blogging and notify the world!

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