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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find the noticeboard section like we used to have on the old SAReunited? I want to look for an apartment to rent in London.
Ag, any chance you can put London on hold for a few weeks? We'll have the noticeboards all up and running for you again shortly after the launch.

How can I see if anyone's looking for me?
Click on Looking For / All Posts and either take your time browsing through all the names there (you never know who you may find!) or simply enter your name in the search field on the left.

Any tips on the best way to look through the Looking For section?
Well, if you have lots of time - you could browse through the lists. You can sort them into name order (which is great for the first time - to quickly see if there are any names you recognise). Thereafter, it's probably best to sort by Posted which means you can just look at the most recent postings.

Any tips on the best way to publish a Looking For post?
Firstly, try your best to upload a photo of whoever you're looking for - that's the most likely to jog someone else's memory. And then, just as importantly, enter as much of their name as you know into the name field - their name, nickname, surname. And make sure your spelling's perfect!

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