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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between joining a Community or a Group?
Communities are the larger groups/assocations to which we all belong - schools and universities, locations, companies and clubs; while Groups are the smaller, more intimate connections we make within those communities. It's a good idea to join all your relevant communities first, and then find like-minded people or old friends and colleagues within them to form smaller groups. You could belong to numerous communities and numerous groups!

I want to search for a school, but I can only see the option to 'add school'.
That's probably because you're on your My Community page in the Communities section. Please click on Browse Communities in the grey submenu OR type in the search field under the South African flag. It'll automatically give you a dropdown selection of which Community you'd like to search in. Once you see the list of schools you're searching for - click on the school's name (in blue) in order to browse through it.

My computer had a community search field in the top right of the site, but now it's disappeared.
That's because you were in the Community section. Click again on Communities and it'll reappear.

I can't find my community.
Perhaps you entered too much information. Try again using only the key name eg. if you're looking for a school, type 'Clarendon' and not 'Clarendon School for Girls'.

And make sure the spelling is perfect. You won't find this particular school if you search for 'Clarenden', for instance. If you're not sure of the spelling, switch to A-Z searches (there's a link to do so beneath the community search box) and enter the first letter of the school's name.

If you still can't find it, see next question.

How do I add my community because you really don't have it?
Hmmm. 95% of South African communities do exist on our database. But we know you could be right - so we've created a form just for you. Click here to fill in the Request Form to Add a New Community (you must be signed in). Please fill in all the info (company name, address, type of business etc.) because we'll need it all in order to publish your community.

There are duplicates of my school in the results list. Which one should I register at?
Register at the one that has the most members (see under the Members column) and then please let us know about the various duplications so we can merge them and you can all find each other easily.

How do I add myself to more than one community?
Click on Communities and you'll land on the My Communities page. There you'll see the various boxes with different communities you can join (and the ones you already belong to will be listed there). At the top of each you'll see a link to Add More. Simply click on that and follow directions.

You can add yourself to as many communities as are relevant to you - which is a good idea to do so that like-minded people or old friends have more chance of finding and contacting you.

How do I remove myself from a community?
Go to your My Community page and click on the 'leave community' link that you see beneath the particular community you want to remove yourself from. An alert will pop up asking if you're sure, and if you are - then click OK.

There's no option for me to leave my Location community. I don't want to be part of it.
Oh no, don't be like that. You belong to your community. You should be wanting to embrace it, not erase it. You can remove any extra locations you've registered with, and you can change the location you live in (click on Profile / Edit Profile / Locations), but you can't come from nowhere!

Argh - I can see other people's activities in Recent Members' Activities (when I clicked on their community). Please tell me they can't see mine!
Um, we could say “they can't see yours” but we'd be fibbing. They can. That's the fun of being part of a social networking site. And don't worry - most people are more concerned with the fun they're having with their own groups to spend too much time analysing your recent activity! BTW - there are some privacy settings that you can control if you're an Advanced Member (like who sees your Status Update and Comments from Friends) - just go to Profile / Account and click on Privacy.

I entered the wrong year of leaving. How do I change this?
Oops. You'll need to go to Communities / My Communities and click on 'Leave' next to the community whose Year Left you want to change. That will remove you. Then you'll need to re-join but this time enter the correct Year Left.

I've registered at the wrong school. How do I edit it?
Best thing is to just leave that school (click on 'Leave' next to its name) and then join the right school!

When I click on my school's name in My Communities, I can only see the new members who've registered. I want to see all those from my year who've ever registered.
OK. Click on View all Members on that page (ie. after clicking on your community's name). You'll be taken to a page with all members listed. In the left hand column is a box called Community Type where you can enter the Year Left to filter your results to just those that you wish to see.

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