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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the advantage of making someone my friend?
This means that you can easily see their photos, their blogs and their activities. We let you know on the site when they've updated or posted anything new.

So how do I add a friend?
Well, you'll need to send them a Friend Request first. Just click on the 'Add to friends' link next to their profile.

I was sent a request to be someone's friend and I noticed an option 'Can see my limited profile only'. What does that mean?
If you choose to only show your limited profile then your friend will not be able to see Comments you've received from other friends, your Groups, your Blogs, your Work information and your Status Update. They will be able to see basic info about you like your name, your age, your Communities, your About Me notes, your Education information and your Online status. If you don't click 'limited profile' – they'll see all of the above.

Which 'friend type' should I select – Friends, Best Friends, Family, Business Contacts?
Select Friends for people you'll be in touch with occasionally; Best Friends for those special people who you'll contact a lot; Family for relatives (obviously!) and Business Contacts for exactly that, business contacts.

How do I move someone from my Friends folder to my Best Friends folder?
When viewing your friends in list view or photospin view there's a drop down menu on the right, called 'friend type'. From this list, just select the type of friend they are and they'll be moved to the correct section of your friend list.

You used to give away prizes for referring friends. What's the incentive now?
Oh, just the fact that the more friends you have on SAReunited, the more fun you can all have. With the old site, members had to pay to contact each other. Now it's free.

When I refer a friend, do I still have to invite them to be my friend too?
No. Don't worry – we'll take care of that. Once your referral is sent, and your friend registers, we'll automatically put you in each other's Friend lists. But do check with your friend just in case they register with a different email address.

I want to search for a friend but when I go to Find Friends it tells me to enter my email address and password! What's with that?
Ah, we see what you mean. If you only know the name of your friend – then you'd be better off doing a Search (click on Search in the menu). The Find Friend feature is a fabulous and easy way to hook up with all the friends you know, on SAReunited. By entering your email and password (which we promise not to keep) – we can take a quick peek at your address book and let you know which of your friends is already registered with SAReunited, so you can start networking…and having FUN!

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