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Frequently Asked Questions


There's a big Change button at the top of the some sections. What's up with that?
If you click on it (go on, try it), it'll allow you to change how many comments or results you can view on a page at a time.

What's happened to all my previous info from the old site (My Friends, the schools I was registered at, my messages). Help! That stuff meant something to me.
Don't worry, you haven't lost a thing. In fact you've only gained! (Contact friends for FREE now, upload photo albums, start a blog...). If you go to Communities, you'll see all your schools are there. Your messages are waiting for you in the Messages section. And your friends have been duly filed in your Members / My Friends section. Don't say we don't look after you!

How do I unsubscribe to the promotional newsletters?
Just go to Profile / Edit Profile and click on Newsletter Subscription. BTW – we do only send newsletters to members who've requested this information via a tick box when they registered.

How do I remove myself from SAReunited?
Do you really want to do that? Well, if you're totally sure – login and go to Profile / Membership and you'll see the 'remove yourself from site' link. Just follow directions. And BTW - we'll be sorry to see you go...

If I remove myself, will you still keep my details like other sites do?
No, not at all. We respect your wishes so if you want to leave the greatest South African community site on the planet, that's your prerogative. And if ever you do want to return – we'll welcome you back with open arms, but you will need to re-register again because we won't have any of your details. Niks. Nada.

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