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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I use the top search box for?
Soooo much. The search box changes to suit your needs. (Yes, we're here to please!) So if you're in the Messages section - use that search box to search for messages; and if you're in Members, use it to search for friends etc.

I've done a search in the Search box at the top of the site - but the wrong results have displayed.
OK. Please check which section you're in (which tab in the menu is highlighted with red text). At the top of most sections you'll see this search box and it's usually relevant to whatever section you're in.

What's the best way to search for someone?
There are a few different ways so that if one method doesn't work, you can try another. Eg. if you look for a friend in the Search section and don't have any luck, you could then try search for their Community (eg. their school or old company) and look for them in there.

If you're an Advanced Member you have the added advantage of being able to find which of your friends in your email address book (eg. Outlook) are already members of the site. Then you can easily hook up, network and let the fun begin! Upgrade here.

I can't find the person I'm looking for.
Are you sure you've typed their name correctly? Try using just one of their names (surname, first name, nickname). If you still can't find them - then post a message in Looking For.

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