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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept all photo types and photo sizes?
Well, almost all - jpeg, gif and png are all fine. And anything up to 2 MB will be cool.

I've clicked on the Delete Photo button but my photo's still there!
Did you remember to tick the little box on the far right of your photo? Must tick that to select the photo you want to delete.

I don't want every Tom, Dick and Jannie from school looking at my personal photos. Let alone my boss! How do I keep my albums private for friends only?
Great news. This feature is available to Advanced Members. Click here to upgrade your membership.

How can I vote for a picture?
Glad you asked. Click on a pic you like to see it enlarged. There's a section beneath the photo, called 'Leave Feedback'. Just tick that little 'dig' box - and click on 'save feedback'. And voila - you've just voted for the pic.

Oh no - I was mal when I left that comment next to the photo. I need to delete it!
We knew that would happen. So all you need to do is navigate back to that enlarged pic and you'll see your comment beneath it. You'll also see a little cross on the right hand side. Click on it. Quick. All solved.

I want to give a pic a vote - but there's no 'dig' box displaying.
Well, that's because you've already given that pic a vote! Or maybe it's your own photo! Try be nice to someone else now.

I've got tons of pictures to upload. Can I upload more than one at a time?
Yes - you can upload three at a time. Go to Photos  / My Photos / Upload and you'll see space to select 3 different pictures and input different text. Then click on the 'upload' button at the very bottom of the page.

I uploaded a photo but it's not in my album.
You know what? You probably clicked on 'upload' next to the photo and didn't scroll down and click on the 'Upload Photos' button at the very bottom. If you go to the 'Add album' page again, you'll probably find your photo is still there. Just scroll down and click on that button!

How many photos can I upload altogether?
The limit's 50 if you're a free member, and it's...totally UNLIMITED if you're an Advanced Member! So would you like to upgrade right now? Click here.
Can I show my photos to friends who aren't SAReunited members?
Sure. You'll see a 'share' url beneath your albums. Copy and paste that into an email to your friends - and they'll be able to view that album. If you have more than one album, you'll need to send a separate url for each album.

I want to resize and edit my photos. Do you recommend any free software to do this?
We'd recommend you take a look at - it's probably the most feature rich freeware graphics package around at the moment. You can easily resize and save your images as jpegs. Make sure each image is less than 2 MB - and then you can upload it to your albums!

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