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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I add an event?
You'll need to be an Advanced Member – upgrade now!

So tell me more – what do I get by upgrading?
You can arrange all kinds of events from reunions, to concerts to book club meetings! Anything! You'll be able to easily update the group of people who join your event (and they don't need to be Advanced Members). You'll be able to write directly to those who opt in and easily view who will definitely be coming to your event and who's thinking about it. If it's a school reunion, we'll also post your event on your School page.

What's the difference between Community, Local and Global Events?
Community events are those within your communities (schools, army units, SA companies, clubs & societies) whilst Local events are those near to you. Global events are all of them!

If I'm a free member, can I still join an event?
Definitely. And enjoy!

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