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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration, Sign In & Forgot Password

All South Africans over the age of 16 can register with SAReunited, no matter where in the world you are. Register using your own email address and keep your login details safe and handy.


Hey, my year of birth isn't available in the dropdown.
Sorry. If your year's not there - it means you're not eligible to join yet. Members must be 16. So try again when you're a bit older. It's worth the wait.

Did you know the city field doesn't work? It's blank.
Ah, wag 'n bietjie. Once you choose a country, this field will become active with a selection of relevant towns and cities. It may take a second or two to load.

Can my partner and I use the same email address to register on SAReunited?
Eish, sorry, but we don't offer this service anymore (although if you were already using it with the old SAReunited, you can continue - see below). For privacy reasons, each member must now register separately and use your own unique email address (which you're sure to enjoy more because it's all totally YOURS - albums, blogs and so much more).

I was added as a Friend/Family to my partner's account on the old SAReunited. Will my info still be here?
Yes, most definitely. We care about you! All you need to do is sign in - and you'll be presented with a page to select your particular profile. We would strongly advise though that you create your own account - i.e. delete this profile and begin a new one with your own email address. It's just more fun and gives you better privacy. Shweet!

Are the letters in Step 1 case-sensitive?
No!  Whew. (They used to be but some of us got so sensitive about it that our whizz developers changed it all.)

I'm blind. Is this site accessible?
Almost all our features are accessible, but when it comes to the letters in Step 1 of the Registration form (to verify you're a human) - please could you ask a friend to read them to you or email us and we'll be happy to help. Problem is we've tried the audio option and it's just not sophisticated enough to work effectively. But we are working on it and aiming for a 100% accessible site.

The button at the end of Step 1 says 'Register Now' - does that mean I'll be registered in one step - or do I have to continue and do steps 2-5?
If you don't mind - please do continue. There are 'skip this step' buttons you can press to skip each step (except for Step 4 where we ask you to choose 4 favourite Lifestyle & Recreation activities). At a later date you can add the info you've skipped now by editing your profile.

Hellooo. You've only given me 'SA Companies' as an option. But I'm an expat at an overseas company with lots of other Saffers. So what about us?
Ja, Ja, moenie panic nie. Finish your registration, and then just create your own group doll. Click on Groups in the menu and you'll see the 'create new group' option under My Groups.

I searched for my company in SA Companies and you don't have it.
Sorry man. We tried so hard! But thanks for letting us know. You can fill in a Request Form to Add a New Community by clicking here (you must be signed in). Please fill in all the info (company name, address, type of business etc.) because we'll need it all in order to publish your community. In the meantime, continue with your registration and you can update that later.

Excuse me, but why the third degree? Why do you need to know my areas of interest?
Relax, there's no pressure to fill them all in. This info will help us recommend relevant groups and events to you that'll you'll be into. Plus you're allowed to search for new friends who share the same interests, and it allows us to filter out ads that are of no interest to you at all. But if you don't want to hear about the kind of stuff you love, be our guest and don't fill it in.

I'm on Safari. The site looks a bit weird.
Ja well, that's because Safari's a little weird (presuming you're meaning the browser, and not that you're on a wild safari). Safari, bless it, has some bugs - report them to Apple by clicking on the insect bug on the top right of your Safari screen and let us know so our programming team can do their magic and enhance your experience!


So I've just registered, did the whole bit. But now it won't let me login. Grrr.
Oh dear. Have you received your activation email yet? Check your spam/junk inbox in case it's gone there. There's a link in your activation email that you must click in order to activate your account. You can only login after that. (If the email has gone to your spam box - click to allow all emails from, otherwise you could miss out on a bunch of lekker stuff in the future.)

I registered ages ago, but I can't get back into the system
OK - obvious question but did you try to login yet? If not - please go ahead and do so. Or did you mean that you can't remember your password? If so - then request a reminder (click on 'Forgot password' in the Home tab). And if it's your email address that you can't remember - see next question. But if it's none of those - then email us. Please include your name, surname and date of birth for us to help you sharp shoot.

I've forgotten my registration email address.
That's okay. Happens to the best of us. Please email us the following info: your name, surname,  date of birth and your current email address.

I've got a new email address. How do I login?
You can still login using your old email address. And then go to Profile / Account and update your email address. Next time you login, you'll need to use the new email address that you're registered with.

Is it safe to tick 'automatic login next time'?
Well, it's safe if nobody else is going to use your computer. Selecting this option is wonderfully convenient to allow you to slip in and out of the site all day BUT if there's anyone else around who may use your computer, they too can slip in and see all your private messages! So it's up to you. Convenience or confidentiality.

When I login, there are a list of names & it tells me to select a profile.
Hmmm. It sounds like there are other people using your computer. It's okay. We'll never give them your password so they can't login and see your details. And vice versa. Although we'd have a word with these other users if we were you and they're not meant to be on your machine.


Oops, I've forgotten my password. Help.
No problem. Click here or go to Home / Forgot Password. Enter the email address you registered with, and we'll send you an email with a new password. In that email there's a Confirm link you must click on. Once you're logged in, you can go to Profile / Account and change your password to one that you're more likely to remember in the future (and keep it safe somewhere).

I want to change my password.
OK. Login with your old password. Click on Profile and then on Account - and do it!

Hey, I followed instructions for Forgot Password - but you still haven't sent me my Password Reminder!
Sorry - but one of three things has happened. Either you did not enter the email address that you registered with - we can only send your reminder to the correct registered email address. Or you've checked the wrong email address (easily happens to the smartest amongst us!). Or it's gone to your spam folder. Please check. And btw - if it's there, please allow all future emails from so you don't miss out on any future messages.

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