WIN 2 return flights to South Africa from Heathrow
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Which aircraft does SAA fly from London to Johannesburg?

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Terms & Conditions

Prize: Two Economy Class return tickets on South African Airways from London Heathrow to any of their South African destinations

  • The prize is valid for flights to any South African destination on SAA operated flights only (i.e. this does not include Mango, Airlink or SA Express)
  • Open jaw flights are allowed for this prize, however the winner will be responsible for arranging and paying for any additional domestic flights
  • The prize only includes flights; all ground arrangements will need to be arranged by the winner
  • The tickets may not be exchanged for cash nor sold or used by anyone other than the prize winner and their chosen companion
  • The two tickets must be booked at the same time for travel on the same flights, dates and times
  • The prize winner must travel with their companion at all times
  • The prize winner must be resident in the UK or Ireland
  • Travel is strictly subject to availability in G class and fare rules apply
  • Voyager miles are excluded in all trade/exchange tickets
  • The competition ends at midnight on 12 November 2018. The winner will be randomly drawn, and will be notified by email. If they do not respond within 1 week, a new winner will be drawn.
  • The prize must be booked by 30th November 2018. Travel is valid until 30th September 2019
  • Travel over half-terms, Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays is unlikely to be available
  • SAA reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the prize if, in their opinion, it is subject to misuse of any description