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SAReunited offers numerous advertising options for big and smaller budgets. A bit of background info on SAReunited;

Demographics of SAReunited Users
Both these figures are increasing daily due to the NEW site re-launch

  • Total members now over 760 000 members live in SA
  • Over 530 000 of these members are based in South Africa, 30% abroad
  • 48:52 male:female ratio
  • 50% are 27-37 years old
  • 25% are 37-50
  • Educated working professionals of all races
  • Well connected
  • Over 2.5 million page impressions per month.

SAReunited re-launched its new free site in May 2008. We are now a member of the Online Publishers Association and ranking 3rd stickiest site according to Nielsen Market Intelligence with the average member spending over 10 minutes on site and consuming up to 15 pages per visit.

Case Studies

SAReunited will guarantee 1% CTR on any banner campaigns booked, OR we will serve up to double the impressions booked, whichever objective is realized first. The reason for this is to mitigate the risk for new clients and to offer them guarantees on their spend.

For Insurance Company - SAReunited achieved 1% CTR
For a Telecoms campaign with call to action - SAReunited achieved 14%. CTR!
For an accommodation offer - SAReunited achieved 1.2% CTR


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