Sponsorships Opportunity - Events (NEW on SAR)

SAReunited is the only site known that is currently aggregating free events to which members subscribe (for event updates). Members can post reunions, events and parties for free. SAReunited sends out an international newsletter every 6-8 weeks letting people know of events in their networks/interests (so only relevant to their locality or networks - such as schools/clubs/workplaces)

Since launching the events section at the end of 2008, there are already over 8400 events posted to site. The majority of our members opt in for the events update, which is close on 758 000 subscribers.

A client could sponsor only South African IP's of chosen (approx 540 000 members) or sponsor a specific country's. The two following examples are for a SA client, and for a UK client to demonstrate IP sponsorships. We would also recommend the Client sponsors relevant pages on site as well for total brand coverage of this section.

Events Pages - Branding

We would brand this entire section - sponsored by BRAND xyz
Rate: R180 CPM for branding this section (All events related pages, for South African IP's)

Events Branding

The Events Newsletter Sponsorship

Cost of sponsoring the events newsletter (as per annotations 1, 2, 3) is calculated on your target (which country, plus number of opt in members for this newsletter in that country.
Rate is R180 per 1000 members. Client is branded right throughout the content of the letter. Please refer to positions 1, 2, and 3.

Example of Domestic Brand Sponsorship (SA IPís only)

Example of IP recognized sponsorship (UK IP's Only)